Bringing Tikkun Olam to the Classroom


Crayons for Classrooms School Supply List  

• simple and sturdy 17 inch backpacks (~ $10 each at Walmart & Amazon) 
• box of facial tissues 
• rulers, 12”, plastic, in & cm, center holes
• notebooks, single subject, wide-ruled, perforated, 70 ct.
• pocket folders, 2 pockets
• pencil sharpeners 
• 24 ct. crayons 
• highlighters, chisel tip (yellow preferred)
• erasers, pink, large, latex-free 
• 10 ct. markers 
• scissors, 5-1/4”
• pencils, dozen, #2, unsharpened, all wood
• glue sticks

👉 We need donated items by August 2.

We Are Also Accepting Cash Donations To Purchase Supplies

Please contact the office to make a donation.

Even before I find my white shoes (worn only between Memorial Day and Labor Day), stores seem to have begun their “Back to School” sales. This year, however, I am cheered that the early sales permit us to perform an essential and easily affordable mitzvah.

The organization Crayons to Classrooms is helping students and schools in North Dayton impacted by the Memorial Day tornadoes.  Crayons to Classrooms has created a partnership between our Jewish community and the Timberlane Elementary School in Northridge.  We have committed to providing 210 filled backpacks for North Dayton students in need. Of those, Temple Beth Or has promised to provide 50 filled bags.

If you have children, why not match your own back to school purchases fulfilling the school supply needs for a child who suffered loss and damage this past spring? If you are an empty nester, we encourage you to purchase items and backpacks in the name of your grown children or grandchildren.  And if you have no children, why not adopt a Timberlane elementary school student and help prepare him or her for school?

The list of needs is printed to the right. We need “simple and sturdy 17’’ backpacks, facial tissues, rulers notebooks, pocket folders, pencil sharpeners, 24 count crayons, highlighters, erasers, ten count markers, scissors, and pencils.  You can fill one backpack, or bring individual bulk items to the Temple. We will have a bag stuffing party at the Temple in August and the filled backpacks will be delivered to the Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton by August 9th, ready for the school year.

The devastating Memorial Day tornadoes brought chaos to Dayton’s northern neighbors.  While Labor Day is the last day we may wear white shoes, we can certainly perform this and many other acts of Tikkun Olam year-round.