The Adult Education Committees of Temple Israel and Temple Beth Or are pleased to host a two-part program about human trafficking.  Part One (Thurs, April 22, 7pm) is a discussion of award-winning author, Talia Carner’s novel, The Third Daughter(available through Amazon) ,which is designed to increase your awareness of a painful part of Jewish history.   Part Two (May 20, 7pm) is a presentation by front line workers, designed to increase your understanding of the scope of the problem as well as current eradication efforts in the Miami Valley. Participation in the April book discussion is not a prerequisite for attendance at the May presentation.  Please click the link below for additional information and registration:


Part 1 is a book discussion, April 22, 2021, 7-8:30p.m. Between 1892 and 1910, more than 150,000 young Jewish women from Eastern Europe were lured by a large Jewish syndicate into prostitution in South America.  Author Talia Carner’s most recent book of historical fiction, The Third Daughter (available through Amazon) takes the reader back in time and place through the eyes of Batya, a young, female survivor.  In the words of one reviewer, “You will be both shaken and inspired.”

Read as much of “The Third Daughter” as you have time for, and join the discussion. Because this book is rich in detail, we will read selected pages together, prior to responding to discussion questions. Co-facilitating with Ruth Schumacher will be Susan Gruenberg, member of Temple Beth Or and Temple Israel, past recipient of numerous community awards, and a tireless fighter against Human Trafficking.

Part 2 is a presentation, May 20, 2021, 7-8:30p.m. This event, (to include Q and A) will focus on the scope of human trafficking  in the Miami Valley and beyond, including interventive and preventive efforts and what temples and individuals can do to help. Our lead presenter will be Ms. Amy Cornelius, Founding Director of Sidewalk Soldiers, whose organization engages in (a) outreach to young people dealing with addition and sex trafficking, and (b) mentorship to help them transition from the streets to success.  Susan Gruenberg will be joining Amy to talk about her own work, which focuses on community education, rescuing missing and exploited children, and teaching young people and their families how to stay safe.  Participation in the April book discussion is not a prerequisite for attendance at the May presentation.