Life Cycle Events

In Judaism no one is ever alone. We celebrate, heal, and mourn as a community. Whether you are welcoming a child into your family, marking your son or daughter’s coming of age, entering into the Jewish people, joining in partnership with a beloved, struggling through an illness or challenge, or mourning the loss of a loved one,Temple Beth Or and its clergy will be there for you. 

For any life transition we create an individualized ceremony to mark the occasion with Jewish ritual and congregational support. Please contact our clergy to discuss your needs.

Baby Naming Ceremonies

Mazel Tov on the birth of a child! Our Rabbis will help you create the perfect ceremony to welcome your child into the Jewish covenant. We will help you find a mohel  for brit milah (a ceremony for the covenant of circumcision) and/or pick the perfect Hebrew name for your family’s new addition. You will have the opportunity to design the perfect naming ceremony and venue either in your home or at the synagogue.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Temple Beth Or is known for its innovative, personalized and unique B’nai Mitzvah ceremonies. Our Rabbis work exclusively with your son or daughter for over a year to teach them all they need to know to lead a Service with confidence and ease. We work individually with each student and his or her family to craft the coming of age ceremony, at which a youngster’s voice is heard, and his or her parents can rejoice.  As a Son or Daughter of the Commandment, your child will learn to read or chant the Torah, as well as the meaning of the portion of the week, to render the Haftarah portion, to lead an entire Sabbath Service, as well as to reflect upon the meaning of this important day.  Special tikkun olam, (service projects) will be implemented concurrently with this year of study. Learn More


We can help you prepare for this wonderful, joyous occasion creating a ceremony custom made for your needs  We will listen to your concerns and wishes and offer Jewish wisdom in preparation for a life dedicated to love and companionship. Please contact us to discuss your ceremony and family needs.

Conversion (Gerut or Entering into the Jewish People) 

Entering into the Jewish peoplehood is a life-time commitment. We welcome those who have studied and experimented with what it means to live a Jewish life. After the candidate has taken our communal Introduction to Judaism class (call the office for offerings) or its equivalent and has actively studied and participated in cycle the Jewish year, our rabbis will meet with you to determine how best to facilitate your ceremony.

Mourning and Funerals

Our Jewish tradition offers powerful end of life rituals. The Rabbis will help you understand the rituals and perform the funeral rites and shiva gatherings at your home or at the Temple.