Member Support Update

Successful New Membership Support Structure

  Thanks to the support and generosity of you, our Members, Temple Beth Or met its budget needs for 2018-2019!  A special thank you to our Premium-level supporters – we could not have done it without you.

  This past year, Temple Beth Or initiated a new membership support structure, changing from a traditional fixed-dues assessment model to a new model that better reflects our values as a Temple– being welcoming, having ownership, fiscal responsibility, and financial transparency.   Under our new model, Temple Beth Or calculates a sustaining level of support, which is the amount needed from each household to meet our anticipated Temple operating expenses.  We ask members to commit to that amount or to a different amount (higher or lower) commensurate with their financial abilities, without the need to complete any additional forms.

  With the new support model, 97% of member support pledges were paid, and Temple received approximately $35,000 more in member support this year than all dues paid last year.  In addition, we have received overall positive feedback from members and prospective members of all ages on the new support model.

  As in most years, membership support does not cover all of Temple Beth Or’s operating expenses; therefore, Temple continues to rely on fundraising, contributions, building rental, grants, and other income to meet our budgetary needs and unexpected expenses.  Another thank you to all members who responded generously to address unanticipated security expenses to provide security personnel and building improvements.

  Thank you for your support of our new member support structure.  Again, thank you for your generosity, with a special thank you to our 2018-2019 Premium supporters, listed below.

Pillar Supporters: Anne Corwynn, Marlene Flagel, Robert & Vicky Heuman, David London, Janet Sherman, plus Anonymous

Builder Supporters: Joseph & Elaine Bettman, Lorraine Fortner, Milton Nathan & Ritva Williamson, plus Anonymous

Guardian Supporters: Kevin & Karen Bressler, Gary Holstine, Jan Maharam, Stuart & Pamela Merl, Ronald & Susan Nelson, Renee Peery, Ira Segalewitz, Marissa Sucosky, plus Anonymous

Leader Supporters: Eva Clair, Marc Gilbert & Annette Nathan, Stephen & Marsha Goldberg, Harold & Melissa Guadalupe, Susan Hand, Martin Jacobs & Martha Moody, Leesa Kaufman & Gino Roncallo, Joann Plotkin, Julie Simon, Steven & Shara Taylor, Dan Weiner, Gary & Mary Youra, plus Anonymous

2019-20 Member Support Forms

  It is time again for you to submit your Member Support Commitment Form.  Under our new member support model, it is critical that you decide on your level of support for Temple and return the form specifying that amount.

  The forms have been mailed to your home and are also available on the Temple Beth Or website.  Any questions can be referred to Temple Treasurer Karen Lindsay at  Please send back your Member Support Commitment Form by July 31st.